Salone Satellite 2019 Milan Italy
The sacred tree of nomads Asyl Agash exists nowadays. In the people there is a belief, to making a wish and tying a ribbon on a branch, the wish is bound to come true. The traveler made a wish on the tree, and, moving away from his native land in reminding of his homeland, took Zhusan with him, the plant is growing in the Kazakh steppe. National ornament, legend and local flora inspired us to create a floor hanger Asyl Agash.
BUQA / BULL stool
According to ancient Kazakh traditions, there are 4 holy animals, called “4 tulik mal”, one of them is “ Buqa” Bull is a symbol of abundance in the house. The historical nomadic technology of wood bending and hand- made woolfelt became the basis of this chair. Adhering to the methods of modern design was created the Buqa stool - a syn- thesis of nomadic design for modern times.
TULIP / wine bar
The foothills of the Alatau - the distant birthplace of the tulip. The stylized image of these flowers is found in many objects, like carpets, and jewelry. Archaeological excavations in the Issyk Valley showed that winemaking was also common in these places. This was the inspiration for the Tulip wine bar.